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Software Services,Price
Operating System installation~~Clean installation of Windows or OSX. Service includes installation of necessary system drivers and softwares.,£25
Virus Removal~~PCRC will run a special anti-virus and anti-spyware scan on your PC. Your PC thoroughly cleaned to remove the nasty bugs.,£20
Tune up & Health Check~~We’ll give your computer and thorough checkup to make sure everything is running smoothly and make sure there are no nasty viruses or spyware and then give it a good clean inside and out. We also run a tune up software on your computer to maximise its performance.,£25
Data Recovery~~ From None Working Machines The recovered files will be transferred to a new (hard drive CD or DVD). If a new hard drive is required we can arrange for this too.,From £65
Data Backup and Transfer~~Your files will be Backed up to a new External hard drive CD or DVD. If a new hard drive is required we can arrange for this too.,From £20
Data Shredding~~Carrying out the data erasing process to permanently erase all files on your hard drive.,£5
Password Recovery~~Have you Lost or Forgotten your password? We can recover windows and most office application passwords.,£10
PC Upgrade~~Install and configure the upgrade for you. Upgrade components must be purchased separately from the store.,From £10
Wired Network Setup~~We Offer vast range of Networking setups including Installation of Network Cable and Data outlets for your home and office network.,Please Call