IT Recycle

"It Recycle"

Safe, secure, fast Server Laptop & Computer disposal and data destruction

Solutions of Advanced IT recycle solutions since 2002

We all believe how much fast computer equipment will become out-of-date and we think many people manage good care how this equipment is removed.Our goal is to attain as close to 100 % re-use or recycling as is possible.
We are able to handle data damage work at your place of business , and protected data defacement is assured . Onsite hard drive problems and recycling is offered from just £1 per hard drive such as a certificate of data devastation.


TickComputer base units

Tick Networking equipment

Tick Servers

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Tick Toners/Ink cartridges

Tick Assorted cables

Tick Printers

Tick Apple equipment

Tick Phone systems

Tick Mobiles phones

Tick Photocopiers

Tick All  IT related equipment

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