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You are looking for a professional laptop repair service center in the Nottingham? With the increase in laptop customers their important for laptop customers to make sure they get suitable utilization of their laptop to the absolute to make certain they are able to attain the largest efficiency. Laptop repair is not constantly simple, but sometimes it may be. Sometimes we perform appreciate how annoying it will be while our laptop stops working and we need a fast turnaround with an expert service.

Laptop Repair Services Price
LCD Replacement:
10” – 14
From £60
From £80
From £80
From £95
From £85
From £125
LCD Backlight
Backlight Inverter Replacement
From £45
Power Jack or Replacement
Resoldering or replacing powerjack on motherboard
From £45 to £60
Keyboard Repair
We Only Replace Laptop Keyboards as repairing keyboard is not cost efficient.
From  £45
Laptop Hinges
Most Laptop hinges are replaceable. In some cases LCD housing or lids need to be replaced.
From £25
Motherboard Repair
Motherboard replacement
From £60
£40 + Part Cost